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Official Document
Title: INS at 10
Type: Press briefing
Authorised: Chief of Propaganda, First Committee, INS
Authorisation Code: AA070410

[Document begins, includes Notes]

On 14 December 2009, the INS celebrated 10 years since the publication of its Founding Manifesto with a General Meeting in Open Session addressed by INS General Secretary Tom McCarthy.

The address strode quickly to the evening’s agenda, by-passing commentary on the INS’s past (... what would be the good of such a commentary? To count the scratches one has made across a strip of film assumes that one can stand outside the film and hang it up to dry, pegged by quotation marks. An error of scale and a conceptual failing too: the film is everywhere, always, already — and our aim should be to render it all scratches), past speculation on the INS’s future (To think necronautism ... is to no longer have any future within which to think it), to enumerate five items as follows:

1. to reinstate Matt Parker to the post of INS Experimental Volunteer. Expelled in the 2003 Purges for the crime of ‘not being dead’, he replied, with impeccable integrity, by contracting cancer. Learning that he wouldn’t be cured, he demanded restitution to his post, then died. The Executive Council has approved this request, cum laude. Every angel is terrifying. Welcome back.

2. to respond to the demand submitted recently by Stewart Home, who professes to have attended every Hearing, Declaration, Publication and misc. held by the INS since its inception, and moves that his dedication to the INS’s cause is such that he was enacting it a good ten years before the founding of the INS. Home’s claim to have invented plagiarism is at once so preposterous and so compelling that the First Committee has been moved to recognise it, and hereby grants him the special privilege of an honorary expulsion.

3. Listen: the world is a sign of restless visibility greater than six miles.

4. Listen: Between cities, countries and continents we are going to crash.

5. Listen: Radio Essen, 102.2, from the Atlantic to the Ostsee. Mich aber umsummet die Bieen. Trumpets, Wupertaal. Reuters, down 48, IBM down .84, AT&T down .67. Its name: Cellscreen. Its tempo: twenty minutes for a 96-speed disc. The bees hum around me, and where the plowman makes his furrows, birds sing against the light.


  1. The necronautical view on the future was elaborated in the INS Declaration on the Future, first read on ...
  2. A brief summary of past INS activities is available from the INS Department of Propaganda.
  3. Official INS propaganda may be freely distributed, distorted, appropriated or adapted as the reader sees fit.

[Document ends]

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