International Necronautical Society INS Inspectorate Berlin

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Advance Reconnaissance
news release
image sequence

Aerial Reconnaissance
briefing sequence
news release
remarks by AA

Aerial Survey A
location: Bebelplatz
image sequence

Aerial Survey B
location: 'Prinz Albrect Terrain'
image sequence

Aerial Survey C
location: Zimmer Strasse 86–91
image sequence

Aerial Survey D
location: Zentralfriedhof
image sequence

Aerial Survey E
location: Leipziger Strasse
image sequence

Prior Air Photography
image sequence

Inspecting the Inspectorate
news release
image sequence

Office of Interpretation
authorisation document
news release
remarks by DG
image sequence

remarks by AA
text: Personae, notes
text: Necronautical Materialism
text: Criteria
text: Technique
text: Future
image sequence

remarks by AA
image sequence

Chief Philospher's Dossier
authorisation document

Committee Papers
Reading Material AA
Statement to the Committee AA
Dossier: Aerial Reconnaissance
Surveillance Report AA

Informants' Reports

Grabfeld 64
RR: report no. 020

Will to death
Nietzsche: report no. 022

A lost penny
Nietzsche: report no. 027

He died of Wagner
Nietzsche: report no. 028

Apostle of revenge
Nietzsche: report no. 029

Hegelian brain cases
Nietzsche: report no. 030

One sees no traces
de Stael: report no. 034

Romantic cult of death
Stieglitz: report no. 037

Idealization of violence
von Eichendorff: report no. 038

Schinkel's patriotic service
Richie: report no. 043

No revolutions in Germany
de Tocqueville: report no. 048

Hegel's cryptic style
Schopenhauer: report no. 057

Die wahre Kunst
Wilhelm II: report no. 070

A Jewish Reich
Frantz: report no. 073

Our national misfortune
von Treitschke: report no. 074

Little obvious change
Richie: report no. 097

Olympic complex
Richie: report no. 103

Clearing up the debris
Lochner: report no. 137

False cities
Richie: report no. 155

Topography of terror
RR: report no. 176

The unnamed dead
Roth: report no. 179

Anteroom to eternity
Roth: report no. 186

The German professor
Roth: report no. 187

Luxemburg memorials
RR: report no. 194

Euthanasia Central
RR/AA: report no. 195

HR: report no. 197

TMc: report no. 200

Forensic art
TMc: report no. 201

Normal reportage?
Kracauer: report no. 202

Mystery of die neue Sachlichkeit
Kracauer: report no. 203

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